Chronicles Of A Refugee is a 6-part documentary series that looks at the Palestinian refugee experience over the last 60 years in its global context. The first three episodes recount the experiences of Palestinian refugees since 1947 in their own voices. The refugees take us from "Al-Nakba' (the catastrophe) in 1948 (Part I) through the repeated expulsions of Palestinians from, and by, host countries (Part II) to the various legal, social and political discrimination Palestinian refugees continue to experience (Part III). The last three episodes raise three main issues facing contemporary Palestinian refugees. The intended goal here is to open up debates revolving around Palestinian identity (Part IV); the Right of Return (Part V); and the problem of political representation (Part VI).

Part 4. Identity Without Homeland 78 min
Unpacks the meaning and attributes of Palestinian identity in different parts of the world after 60 years of dispossession and refugee status. Palestinians debate the role of refugee camps, usefulness of citizenship and the effect of living outside the Arab world on Palestinian identity.

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Director Adam Shapiro is a documentary filmmaker, human rights activist and Palestinian rights activist He is also working with a colleague in an independent effort to help find durable solutions for the Palestinian refugees of Iraq. He last served as Country Director in Afghanistan for the international human rights organization Global Rights. Adam is a Ph.D. candidate in International Relations at American University, and holds a MA in Politics from New York University and a MA in Arab Studies from Georgetown University.

Adam Shapiro will lead a discussion on CHRONICLES OF A REFUGEE after the screening!

Director Perla Issa is a documentary filmmaker and human rights activist based in Beirut, Lebanon. She has volunteered with the ISM in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and with Samidoun in Lebanon during the 2006 summer war. She has worked on the documentary series “Arabs and Terrorism” (2007), and has produced short films on displaced refugees from Nahr El-Bared.

Director Aseel Mansour is an award winning Palestinian filmmaker and photographer currently living and working in Dubai at Microsoft. He has directed and produced a number of short films and has been selected to attend international film institutes on account of his work.