Screened as part of our Afternoon of Student and Documentary Shorts

The Voices Beyond Walls initiative was founded in 2006, when pilot digital media and storytelling workshops were first conducted in the Balata and Jenin refugee camps in the West Bank. Since then we have established a team of local and international volunteers who have conducted nearly a dozen workshops in six different refugee camps in collaboration with youth centers and young participants aged 10-16 years. In each 7-10 day workshop a team of trainers works closely with 20-25 youth from the camps in small groups to produce digital media shorts. 
Weaving together original stories, drama, poetry, photography, music, and digital video these youth express their own perspectives on Palestinian history, culture and everyday life in the refugee camps, as well as their dreams and aspirations. Thus far nearly 60 digital media shorts have been produced by youth in these workshops, many of which have been screened locally and internationally.


Following the screenings of several workshop shorts, director Nitin Sawhney will speak and field questions about his work.